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Which type of company is right for your business?

If you are interested in establishing a business presence in Flanders or Belgium as a whole, one of the first matters to consider is the type of business entity to form and how to structure your activities. Different legal forms are possible and the choice is not easy, but very important for the future of your company. 

Most foreign companies starting business in Belgium choose between:
-  Forming a limited (subsidiary) company (abbreviated as BV
   in Belgium and previously called BVBA or SPRL)
-  Establishing a Belgian branch office
-  Opening an establishment unit or a representative office
-  Applying for a VAT-identification under the regime of
   direct registration (only for companies within the EU)

Establishing a company is no mean feat. You have to take many things into account: memorandum and articles of association, share capital, shareholders, shares, registration with the Crossroads Bank for Enterprises (CBE), nacebel activity codes, application for activation of the company number as VAT-number, affiliation with a social insurance fund for the self-employed, choosing an accountant, notary filings, filing with the Registry of the Company Court (formely called the Commercial Court), publication of an extract in the annexes to the Belgian Official Gazette, etc.

Choose a company form that best fits your business concept.

Coventis does not offer 'standard solutions', but looks at the needs of your company. Compare the advantages and disadvantages of different types of company structures (BV, branch office, establishment unit, representative office, VAT-identification, etc.).

Coventis offers tailor-made support and helps you choose the right form of company for your business, taking into account your activities, objectives, risks and liability, protection of your private assets, formation costs, continuity of your company, management measures, etc.
We offer company formation services within the shortest time possible!


Doing business in Belgium
as a foreign company

Discover your different options and make the right choice !

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Belgian limited company

A separate legal entity with limited liability and its own management, with registered office in Belgium

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Belgian branch office

An extension of a foreign
parent company with its
own legal representative
and office in Belgium.

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Belgian establishment unit

An establishment of a foreign parent company (can be a rep office) without a legal representative in Belgium.

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Belgian VAT-identification

A Belgian VAT-number in the  name of a parent company established in the EU under the 'direct registration' regime.

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Belgian limited company (BV), branch office, establishment unit, rep office, VAT-number, ...

Make the right choice !

Are you considering selling your products or services in Belgium through a subsidiary, a branch office, an establishment unit or with a Belgian
VAT-number, but you don't know which option
is better for you?

It's important that you choose the right company format for carrying out your activities on Belgian territory, as your choice has important legal consequences.

Coventis assists enterpreneurs in starting their business in Belgium and in fullfilling all administrative requirements so that you can start worry-free and concentrate on developing your business.

Overview of company formats

In the table below you will find an overview of the most common company formats chosen by foreign companies that want to develop their activities in Belgium.

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Your Belgian office address

Coventis also offers a solution for placing the registered office of your Belgian limited company, the seat of your Belgian branch office, and/or your Belgian establishment unit.

For more information, do not hesitate to contact us. We are happy to help you further..

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