Why do entrepreneurs
choose Coventis?

Coventis is a leading corporate consultancy firm
that provides clear and affordable advice and
assists you in finding the perfect structure
for setting up your business in Belgium.


Professional and clear advice
tailored to your company

Transparent & fixed rates,
No surprises

Quick service, formation
in the shortest time possible

Fast and first-class service

As an enterepreneur you want to dedicate yourself to your core business and not to "peripheral issues" such as the constitution and registration of your company. Coventis takes all that work off your hands. We set up your company within the shortest time possible at a fixed rate agreed in advance.

All parts of the formation process of your new company are in goods hands with Coventis: checking the availability of the desired company name, drawing up the memorandum and articles of association, completing all necessary forms, filing the documents and forms with the Registry of the Company Court, registering your company in the Crossroads Bank for Enterprises (CBE), applying for activation of your company number as VAT-number, etc. Our extensive experience and great involvement ensure that the entire process runs smoothly and without delay.

We ensure a carefree formation of your Belgian company.

As your limited company will be registered electronically, your company number will be available on the same day that the extract from the memorandum and articles of association is filed.  Also, the registration of your company in the Crossroads Bank for Enterprises (CBE) is filed electronically and a company extract is available within 2 working days.

  • “Coventis is a clear example of the fact that excellent service
    does not always have to be expensive.”
    Christoph V.
  • “I am very satisfied with the good guidance and the patience you have had with me to explain everything and to steer it in the right direction.”
    Albert N.
  • “Very professional handling of the company formation in terms of planning, documentation and follow-up; also very customer-friendly.”
    Daniel S.
  • Tailored service


    Tailored service
    based on knowledge

    Your company is unique and that is
    why Coventis provides you with a professional and tailormade service.
    The Belgian corporate context is dynamic. Coventis has the most up-to-date knowledge when it comes to relevant Belgian company law and regulations. In addition, we work very closely with notaries, lawyers, accountants and various highly trained experts who receive continuous training so that, despite changes in legislation, we are always up-to-date and can provide your with the best advice.


  • Professional follow-up


    Professional follow-up

    Our service does not end with the formation of your company. Once your company is legally established, it must meet a number of obligations in Belgium (affiliation with a social security fund, UBO registration, share register, etc.).
    Coventis can fully take care of all work and administraive obligations for you according to the official Belgian guidelines, so that you have your hands free for your core activities.


  • Personal contact


    Personal contact

    We believe that a personal contact with our customers is very important. Coventis' customers all have the direct telephone number of their contact person and are immediataly contacted so that direct answers can be given to urgent matters that may arise. If you want to set up a company in Belgium, do not hesitate to contact us.



Belgian Corporate Services

Coventis was founded in 2007 and is currently one of the foremost and most economical providers of new company registration services in Belgium.

Coventis is a leading company formation agent that has expertise in setting up tailor-made companies as well as corporate administration services.

Coventis offers a wide range of services for businesses and assists clients with the formation of limited companies, branch offices, establishment units, or representative offices; and offers registered office and company secretarial services.

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